About Us

I first started this blog so I could share memories and photos with friends in the USA.

I didn’t really take the time to learn so i just puplished one post and then I didn’t make the time for more work on the site.

When I started a class at the University in January I decided to give it another try!

So, here I am – confused but pretty excited about this new Learning.

Welcome to read and maybe you can get some inspiration or just positive attitudes from this.

I live in Dalarna, Sweden but I left my heart in San Francisco, California…

My goal is also to get my friend Jane involved in this and hopefully get her more interested in this opportunity to blog, therefore i choose to have the header ”About us” and not just ”about me”.

Live – Love – Laugh

/Bitte 🙂 & Jane (photo from 2000, Eureka, Oregon)

2012-04-08 10.20.19